Samuel Hunter

My Personal Projects

Noded - Minimalist concurrent esolang (2020)

Functions replaced by machines! Inspired by puzzle games TIS-100 and MHRD, this programming language only gives you little fantasy microprocessors sending 8-bit numbers between each other.

Kablature - Kalimba music score compiler (2019)

When I received a kalibma as a Christmas present, I had trouble playing it from a normal music score because the keys on the kalimba alternated in pitch.. I wrote a program that arranged the keys of music sheets from the pitch to the position of the key on my instrument so that I could better interpret where to play the notes.

Tagmage - Save, list, and manage a large collection of files through tags (2019)

I used to have a large collection of photos in a mudball of folders -- one from a camera in this trip, one imported from my phone, folders inside folders -- and so on. When I realized that this wasn't manageable, I wrote a couple programs meant to integrate with customizable file browsers to interact with a tag-based database that stores its files in a directory next to a SQLite database file.

The Royal Game of Ur, online (2019)

I found this video (2017) of The Royal Game of Ur, and I wanted to play it so much that I implemented it myself.